Warm Shark Tent Pet House

Give your beloved cat the chance to indulge in a long sleeping session or just on a short nap and provide her the utmost comfort and an undeniable amusement with one of these warm cozy shark cat houses. They just look funny and hilarious and just imagine your cat to be in. It will brighten your day and put a smile on your face, once you will see her resting inside of her soft shark castle.

    The ideal cat bed for any cat or kitten that prefers to relax and sleep within a dark and cozy cafe-style space. This well-made shark cat bed comes in three possible size options to best fit your feline friend; small, medium, and large. Featuring truly impressive workmanship and a soft and comfortable feel from top to bottom, this amazing bed design includes a soft mat within to assure your cat is as snug and warm as they can possibly get; any time of the year.