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Vintage Oversized Gradient Sunglasses

The vintage oversized gradient sunglasses filter out UV radiation from the sun, preventing glare and reflections or other eye damage. Reduce glare reflection of road, snow, lake, prevent snow-blind and reduce eye strain, enhance you and your loved one's safety when driving.

Our frames are made from a swiss technology material called TR90 memory plastic, a strong and flexible material, which makes it extremely tough and durable. Polarized TAC lenses are composed of 7 layers of material with the highest quality, for clear vision and UV400 protection.

Our TR90 frames are flexible and can adjust across all head shapes with soft rubber attached to the half-jacket frame, we also went the extra mile by putting an adjustable nose pad to provide optimal comfort.

It can perfect cover your eyes blocking the sun at all angles. Offers a high level of clarity, comfort, and protection.

While the lightweight design fits comfortably on the face, the specially designed polarized sport sunglasses frame hold perfect on ears in sports for men women and teens. 

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