Shower Feet Massage Slippers Bath Shoes

This plastic sandal is a fantastic foot caring footwear. The shower foot scrubber can easily clean you from the feet from top to bottom. This footwear has multifunctional uses. Attaches to the bathtub or shower with powerful suction cups to keep it in place during use.

A fantastic solution for pregnant women and people with limited lower extremity movement, back pain, and balance and circulation problems. Easy to use foot scrubber has hundreds of soft little bristles that clean and massage your feet without the need to reach or bend. The footwear comes with a universal fit. It fits no matter the shape of the feet.

  • No more bending or stretching to clean your feet
  • Made with over a thousand soft cleaning bristle
  • Easily cleans your feet from top to bottom
  • Massages exfoliate & eliminate dirt