Portable Pet Dog Water Feeder Bottle

Whether you are out on a walk, jog, or playing, this portable bottle makes it easy to give your pet a quick drink. The wide-mouth trough comes in handy allowing them to drink with no waste and no mess.

Simply press the button on the leak-proof bottle to dispense water and let your pet hydrated. Once they've had their fill, press the button again, while tilting the bottle upward, to suction back the unfinished water.

Lock protection avoids any water leakage. Designed with a silica gel seal ring, the water dispenser will not leak. You can pack it in your bag or your jacket pocket without worrying about leaks and spills.

Made from high-quality material the water bottle will last for a long time if well taken care of. This perfect travel water bottle is also easy to attach to larger capacity water bottles which allow you to use it for longer excursions.