• ►【Newest Design Makeup Mirror】This travel mirror is made of high-quality materials, ultra-thin design, smooth and delicate surface, beautiful appearance. The compact mirror has LED lights on both sides and USB charging. 1x is an ordinary mirror, you can see your face naturally. A 5x magnifying mirror helps you determine skin detail without the need for close-up viewing.
  • ►【Perfect gift, reliable after-sales service】Suitable for everyone: men, women, children and makeup artists, suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and Christmas. We guarantee 100% makeup mirror quality. If you are not satisfied, please send us an email immediately and we will provide reliable after-sales service or a full refund.
  • ►【With Double Mirror LED Light, USB Charging】The double mirror of this vanity mirror is equipped with LED light, the light is even, the viewing details are clearer, bright and not dazzling. This travel mirror is USB charging, bid farewell to the button battery. It is durable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and can last for 2 weeks or longer when fully charged (depending on how often you use it).
  • ►【Adjustable Brightness】This travel mirror has an LED light on/off button with free switching. Pressing it (switch button) for a long time makes it easy to adjust the brightness without hurting your eyes. Our long-term market research, 5x magnifying mirror surface is the most suitable for viewing details, It's easier to watch than a 10x mirror. You don't have to be too close to the magnifying glass to see the details.
  • ►【Portable and durable makeup mirror】Lightweight and portable, easy to carry. Bring a storage bag for easy storage. Perfect size (4.9 inches in diameter)-not too big or too small. It is very suitable for use at parties, concerts or travel, and can be put in any small bags, backpacks, handbags and cosmetic cases.