Jade Stone Face Body Spa Massage Roller

Natural Jade has a certain beauty effect. Such as: can calm soothe the nerves, recuperate facial nerve, white skin, provide microelement, detoxify to raise Yan, wrinkle and so on, in numerous traditional medical classics have a record. 

Jade can provide the inorganic element nutrition source more quickly. Because this jade is rich in the human body the need for a variety of minerals and traces elements, to the facial nerve conditioning, white skin, providing trace elements, detoxification, nourishing beauty, wrinkle and so on. The proportion of trace elements contained in Jade is very close to the demand of the human body, and it is very advantageous to maintain the nutrition balance of trace elements in the human body, and it can be used safely.

Jade application in beauty, with good detoxification, beauty, and whitening skincare effect. When the special gem grade or semi-precious stones are processed to a certain degree of fineness, that is, the obvious porous and colloid adsorption, coupled with huge surface area, can strongly absorb heavy metal ions in the skin (such as PS, as, HG, etc.) and harmful bacteria, to achieve detoxification and beauty effect.