High Density Sponge

Quick scratch-free cleaning without scratching, comfortable and easy-to-hold shape, easily foams even with a small detergent. High-density sponge good recoil flexibility, hard to deform. Antibacterial sponges in the kitchen. Sterilize in the dishwasher and reuse!

It is strongly water-absorbing, delicate and will not damage the surface. It features a well-developed porous fiber structure, making it can fully contact with stains for powerful cleaning effect.

Easily remove all kinds of harsh dirt commonly used in outdoor places to wash kitchens, bathrooms, garages, dishes, pots, cars, glass, tables, sinks and much more.

  • The household cleaning product is suitable for all kinds of kitchenware.
  • absorbent, sensitive and does not damage the surface
  • Double-sided double-acting, fast bubbly.