Cat Tower Ball Toy

Cats Tower Ball helps to provide much needed physical exercise and mental stimulation to their daily routines. A cat who is active and mission-driven often will portray behavior that includes: pouncing, hunting, jumping and running. For cats that exhibit these traits, they respond best to toys that include balls and chasers.

For more curious cats, toys that provide mental stimulation and interactive components like Tower of Tracks appease their need to play through exercising their coordination, balance and attention span with batting and swatting at the balls as they are simultaneously spun around each level of the track.

Cats Tower Ball toys are the purrfect way for your curious cat to get the mental and physical exercise they need to stay healthy and engaged. Whether your cat likes to stalk, pounce, chase, bat, swat or cuddle, our thoughtfully developed lines will help keep your cats happy and healthy.