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Blackhead Remover

Grossed out by your clogged pores? Looking for a better way of how to get rid of blackheads? This Blackhead Remover effortlessly removes blackheads. Squeezing damages delicate skin tissue. And so-called blackhead remover masks often fall short of their claims. This Blackhead Remover is like a cordless vacuum for your face. It uses a powerful, yet gentle vacuum that extracts impurities and blackheads from your pores. With three different power settings, you choose the one thats right for you. This Blackhead Remover has 5 interchangeable suction heads for the perfect extraction. Reveal your beautiful skin! When youre done, simply rinse the dirty suction head under water.
  • Powerful but Gentle Vacuum Action Makes Extraction Quick & Painless
  • Helps to Minimize the Appearance of Fine Lines
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Clean & Youthful
  • Waterproof & Easy to Clea

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