Bendable Hang Neck 360 Flexible Phone Holder Bracket

You can strap it around your neck, you can wrap it around your car or bicycle steering wheel, you can put it on the ground or bed, you can do anything with a neck mount phone holder, just get your imagination started.

360-degree rotating phone case, free to adjust any angle as you like for convenient reviewing. Easy to be bent into any shape you want, easy to carry. Also, our eyes keep an appropriate distance to protect our vision.

Used on the table, the bed, the floor, the car, hands, neck, and other parts can be lightly put stability, a very practical smartphone tool. Perfect for viewing phone & watching a movie & enjoying music & GPS & phone games in the bedroom, car, bicycle, gym, office, exhibition and more.

Made of over 70% aluminum-magnesium alloy, stay stable, anti-skid shockproof breathable foam, your neck will feel comfortable, specially designed for an ergonomic stay.